Yandy - 2017-06-19

What's Hot | Yandy Summer Bra Collection

Turn up the heat this summer with our hottest bra collection to date! Featuring bold colors and cool silhouettes, you will not want cover these styles up! 
Yandy - 2017-06-14

In the News | Beth Ditto is On Fire

As Fourth of July quickly approaches, we were thrilled to see Indie singer Beth Ditto rocking our red, white and blue sequin corset on Vogue.com! Her unique style and true-to-self mentality makes her the GOAT in our humble opinion. Rock on with your bad self Beth.

Yandy - 2017-06-08

Bliss-fully Aware | Customer Service FAQ - What's with this $.10 charge??

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I received an email today from a customer, Karrine, wanting to know why she had a $.10 from us on her bank statement. This is actually one of the most common questions we get. I explained to Karrine that the $.10 charge is not actually a charge but a temporary pre-authorization transaction to verify the cardholder’s information. It does, in fact, drop off the account automatically within 1 - 3 business days depending on the financial institutions policies. I also explained to Karrine that Yandy is not the only company that places a temporary pre-authorization transaction on a credit cards as other merchants such as hotels, gas stations, subscription services, etc. usually practice this verification process as well. The reason is to helpreduce check fraud, scams and identity theft.

If a customer only sees one $.10 charge that means the credit/debit card could not be charged. Also,if there is only $.10 charges on the bank/card summary, no order was actually created and placed.

Sometimes we also have customers asking why they see multiple $.10 charges. This is because theinformation the customer provided is invalid from what the cardholder’s financial institution has on file. Therefore, there will be a $.10pre-authorization foreach attempt made to checkout.

Karrine replied and stated she was appreciative that we practice this verification process and she feels more protected as a consumer when shopping with us.

As always, if you ever have any questions you can reach out to our customer care team at 800.883.0860, at service@yandy.com or via our online chat system. Happy shopping!
Yandy - 2017-06-07

In the News | Galore

Exciting news! Yandy is the official licencee of Baywatch Swimwear! Check out Galore's hilarious take on the movie and these sexy suitswe just can't get enough of.